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Hot Dog Y’all!

I think it’s been 5 weeks that I’ve been home with Ben now and while he’s napping, I thought I’d sit down to note something. From the beginning of my stay home venture, I was very nervous about keeping my son entertained.  He went from being at the sitter’s house with 5 other children, to home with mom, and JUST mom!  Well, I guess if we’re counting there are two large dogs hanging around here too…and believe it or not, they serve as pretty swell play mates!  Anyway, in my nervousness I started a bit of a habit by turning on the TV and pretty much leaving it on all day.  It’s usually tuned into Disney or Disney Junior, and let me just say that prior to being a mom…or really, prior to being a stay at home mom, I kind of-maybe a little bit-sort of…hated Disney.  That’s right I said it.  I couldn’t stand the mouse and all his friends taking over the world in the form of bad clothing apparel, tote bags, key chains, toys, tv, movies, theme parks and even cruise ships.  Yuck.  I don’t like rodents even if they wear clothes and talk.  However, since these changes have been made in my life and I’m looking forward to each 15 minute window of sitting time, mommy time, etc….this mouse is growing on me.

I had no idea how much the mouse had evolved.  First of all, in HD he’s much cooler looking and so are the rest of his friends.  He has a magical club house that pops up out of the ground and it has all sorts of cool gadgets inside.  Also, I’m not sure of the size but I’m pretty sure the club house is on some substantial acreage.  He has a lake and a park complete with small mountains, roads AND interesting shaped foliage.  Plus there’s this little machine-type guy now named “Toodles”….at least I think he’s a machine.  At the beginning of every show Mickey and Toodles get together and show us four different mouse-k-tools which can be used to help in the day’s mystery, puzzle or adventure.  Fascinating.  Mickey and his friends go about their day and whenever they come across a problem they just yell, “Oh Toooodles!”, then that little machine guy comes racing down (he either flies or rides up on some monster truck tires) and then he shows all the tools he has and Mickey chooses one, then that tool fixes the problem, they do it 3 more times and then all is well in Mouse land again!  I mean, some days I do still wish Mickey would look at his tool options and tell Toodles that none of this crap is going to work.  I once saw Mickey have to choose oversized building blocks to get to the top a tree….I mean come on Toodles – give the mouse a ladder!  Ok, but back to all the neato changes, the best of the best, the crème de la crème of the new mouse….is this thing called the Mouse-k-dance, AKA the Hot Dog Dance!!

People, when my little boy hears that song start up….he starts bending his little knees, bobbing his little head, waving his toys around…I mean, he could not be more excited!  It gives me some of the best laughs of the day and for just those few minutes, he is fully entertained and happy!  In case you’ve never seen this marvelous dance, I have conveniently posted the following for your listening pleasure…

So far the only bad thing I can think of that comes from this new mouse and his song, is the curse of me singing it continuously throughout any given day regardless of whether my son is around or not!  As a matter of fact, what inspired me to tell you about it was when just about an hour ago, I was in the kitchen baking cookies (yes, from scratch and yes, I’m domestic) while watching Sex and the City (yes I’m still me and yes I still love every re-run and movie and NO, I don’t care if my one year old is in the room with me while I watch it) when during a commercial break, while Ben was taking a nap, I just burst out loud into the chorus of the Hot Dog Dance.  SAD….but true.  Yes, sometimes I sing it to Ben to get him to smile or dance or laugh…and then all the sudden there I am, alone watching adult television when I burst into hot-doggin.

Don’t judge me.  If you watch it enough times, you might find yourself singing the same thing….even if you won’t admit it.  Happy Friday people – HOT DOG!


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