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Thoughts for the Week

I want to try a few different things here now that I have the opportunity to write/blog.  I want to write about all sorts of things as we go along, mainly my experiences as a new stay at home mom and how I’m adjusting…I’m certain this will make for great entertainment, but I also want to share a little bit of my heart now and again so my ‘Thoughts for the Week’ idea seems to be a great way to do that.  Hopefully I have enough ‘thoughts’ each week that mean enough to share with you, but I’m certain that this week I’ve got them down.

This week, my baby sister Danielle who is in Ghana volunteering at a local hospital turned 21.  Unlike me, she spent her 21st birthday half way across the world offering her time to help those that need it the most.  Lets not get too silly here, she did wake up to a fantastic surprise breakfast complete with birthday mimosa’s, but I don’t know a single other person that spent their 21st birthday in a third world country working on the trauma unit of the local hospital.  She comes home in three days!  I’m so blessed to have such a wonderful sister who, even at 12 years younger than me is a role model in my life.  Will I ever go to Africa and volunteer my non-existent medical skills?  No….but I can take notice and get inspired.  Just before Danielle left for Ghana she was here for a couple of nights with us and we had a ton of fun getting pedicures, watching senseless TV, getting ice cream and just hangin out….I was washing some dishes and I was complaining about my water faucet.  The water pressure was horrible!!  Full blast was like a drizzle, fizzle, fo shizzle….so annoying and while we’re on the topic – faucet was replaced this week…anywho, I was complaining and she said jokingly…”you people and your first world problems”.  I laughed and went about my dishwashing that took triple the time, but in the back of my mind I did think about all the people in the world faced with so much more than me.

She has strawberry hair from nowhere

and green eyes like mine

Things weren’t always easy for her

but she smiles all the time

No one told her how to be a lady

though she did it anyway

Her soul is genuine, her faith is strong

and I pray for her every day.

Baby sister, as you go on through life

take what you saw here and there,

never forget the moments that shook you

no one can fill the hole in your heart she left

but I will keep trying each chance I get.

You got his faith, his courage and his spirit

your soul is full of love and your mind with brilliance

joy and honesty are what he gave us

a heart so pure, a love so true

no one else has a sister like you.


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